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Welcome to Insane Chains the world’s only chain customizing company. We have patented the process of customizing motorcycle and bicycle chains that can now look any way you like. From chrome or paint matching to custom logos and artwork. There is no limit to how they can look.

Insane Chains is a drive chain customizing company. We specialize in providing not only an alternative to standard looking motorcycle and bicycle chains; we can also customize almost any brand chain to the customer's desires. Over the years we have customized many different chains and chain brands and they all have great quality and we can provide you with almost any brand of chain you like but our drive chain of choice is Diamond chain. We do not make our own chain and we only customize bran-new chains if you want to provide your own chain.

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All Insane Chains are protected under Patent # 7,571,595 B2

If you are not 100% satisfied with any Insane Chains product you may return within 30 days of purchase.

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