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Hello, my name is Eric Wettlaufer and I am the creator of customized motorcycle and bicycle chains. I came up with the idea while talking about it being the only thing left on a motorcycle that has yet to be customized.

Thanks to my manufacturing background, I remembered a company that sold adhesives and how powerful adhesives had become. I began experimenting by bonding aluminum to the side of my motorcycle chain.

After much trial and error, I figured it out and worked my way into using plastic for mostly all of my chains. With plastic you can have the chain look any way you want. I have since sold motorcycle chains all over the world but I never forgot about bicycles. I knew if I could tap into that market I would do great things with the endless ideas for covering bicycle chain. Also, because I knew the potential, I went after the patent and after three years was finally awarded a utility patent.



I wanted to create something for bicycles that would be easy to attach to bicycle chains, be eye catching, and could also help the bicyclist “be seen”. Products that promote safety are always a benefit, so I put together a team and they helped me develop exactly that!


A motion-sensing, battery powered, programmable LED light that snaps right onto bicycle chain without having to do anything special nor have any mechanical ability. Simply remove them from the package and snap directly onto the chain. No on/off switch to worry about and no tools required. Just snap them on and start pedaling.


The LED will flash once it senses motion and will continue to run for about ten seconds after motion is no longer detected. The part has also been engineered to accept different snap on sides so we can offer a variety of designs and colors. For example “glow in the dark” or “reflective” side caps that snap right on. The ideas for how chain can look are truly endless.

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